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Standing Out From Your Competitors With Personal Branding | Lauren V Davis

August 10, 2021 Ash Borland
Content Creators Hub - All Things Personal Branding, Content Marketing, And Content Creation
Standing Out From Your Competitors With Personal Branding | Lauren V Davis
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Welcome back to another episode of Content Marketing 101. Welcome back, guys. Welcome back to a little bit more chirpy today, because I actually my tattoo is healing and I'm not feeling like you're which I did the last two days. So things are better with people who watched it. And people having those episodes probably aren't very good to watch because I look very tired. So welcome back into another episode. What we can talk about in this episode today is talking about how you shouldn't create negative content, really.


And this is something I've been noticing happen quite a lot. And it was something I noticed a content creator who I watch called nicknaming has been on the content marketing crusade show. Definitely worth checking him out. He said something in one of his live streams. It got me thinking and I've been observing this over the last couple of weeks. And then what I noticed was my my feed. It started to be filled on YouTube and also on social media, mostly YouTube with other negative content.


And I just thought I have to make an episode on this because people need to understand this stuff because it's a little bit like the apple of knowledge, you know, in the Garden of Eden. Like it's quite a it's quite a dangerous thing that we we often can get this confused and we can end up doing this. And I see Brandeis's all the time. So I thought, you know what, let's make an episode. Let's talk about it.


OK, so what do I mean when I talk about negative content? Well, when I'm talking about negative content, what I mean is people make content or issues on YouTube like season podcasts everywhere. By the way, LinkedIn is rife with it. Facebook is rife with Instagram, all of that stuff. And tick tock, don't even get me started. Now, what I mean by this negative content is content that makes people talking about other people slagging off their advice, slagging off their take, usually reacting to something and dissecting it in a negative way.


So usually like, say, the publicly humiliating these people or saying things about them. And the problem the problem with this stuff and the problem with this type of content is we know it gets results. It gets results. It's automatically going to drive people to your content to see this happen on LinkedIn. By the way, like guys, if you're watching on LinkedIn, like, no, this is not a job anybody. But like, I see this happen all the time.


If you say something controversial, guess what? Oh, my gosh, what a shock. You got a result. But can you actually create anything valuable and what good could you do the world instead of being rude? And this is something that I see all the time. This is something you have to really think about. Think about the fact that I love this quote. This is a quote from Ziggler. Life is an echo. What you send out comes back what you sow, you reap, what you give you get and what you see.


And this is really important. What you see in others exists in you. That's right. What you see in others, if you are looking at this negative stuff, if you are creating content around this, you know, it gets you quick, wins it, you know, be careful, be careful, because it's not showing you in a good light. And I really don't like this type of stuff. I really don't. And there's a reason why I say talk about you reap what you sow, like when you create content like this and you build an audience around negativity and they're all creators.


I know on on LinkedIn and YouTube these days. And again, you do you this is all about weighing on the pros and cons. But what I heard on nicknaming show, which is brilliant, he said when you build an audience around negative and drama and your channel is about drama. Don't be confused or shocked when the crowd turns on you, because you have built that place, you've built a house for them, for four people, you're attracting people who like drama.


So the moment you do this, the moment you start to do anything where you like, actually you've done something wrong or you've said something wrong, boom, you are. Don't be shocked when when they come for you because they will they 100 percent will raise it. And we see this happen all the time. So this with Logansport. So like Logan, Paul, hey, Logan, Paul, whatever you may feel about Logan, Paul, I'm being different.


I guess I'm in different about everything pretty much with this. I'm in different with Logan. Paul, I've seen a lot of his podcast. I'm a podcast. I have to I watch all the top podcast I true Trigiani. I watch Logan polls. I watched Joe Rogan. I watch all of the top podcasts because I'm constantly trying to learn while these guys doing and their guests are great. But but the story of Logan Paul is a sad one because I watch their shows and it's funny because they'll have the same guest on.


But they focus on drama. They focus on on what, what, who said what, who's done what. And that's the sad thing with this is when you do this. We also happened to him in twenty eighteen when that stupid video on in the suicide forest. So we all saw that no one had his back, no one because he'd spent his brand on it. You see, with the Kardashians, we see it with everything. So don't think you're any different now.


It's really important to be this how you probably think, OK, great, how do you do? And what you have to make sure that you are staying in your lane, that you stay in what you want to be known for. So for me, I want to be a positive force of a force of nature, but a positive force of nature. So I'm a content creation machine and I'm showing you you can do it. It's probably going to say it and I won't do it.


I was going to say on the screen that because it wasn't perfect timing. But the reality is that's what I want to show. I want to show you can do it. So I don't want to bring any negativity into my content because, sure, I only get one or two views on some platforms. Obviously a lot more Pokaski. It's a lot more. But but the you know, the social platforms, maybe one or two, because once the people get value, instead of creating something that, you know, people are going to react to, you know, it's polarising, you know, it's going to make people go, whoa, and have a visceral response.


You think you're clever? Honestly, you know you know, you're just setting yourself up. I'll get myself distracted now. You're setting yourself up for huge, huge, huge failure. The huge failure, because, as I said, don't be don't be shocked when the crowd turns. It's not a matter of if, it's not a matter of if. It is a matter of when they will come for you. Because you've built a community of things that I went through yesterday on my social media and on my YouTube.


And I clocked a ton of people because of this. By the way, not not people like not like creators, because I was like, I'm not I'm not interested in this. And the problem with these algorithms remember this, by the way, remember this. When these algorithms and the social media works, the more you consume negative dromedaries content, the more it's going to show you it. So what's going to happen, you know, same thing with tick tock, you know, I'm going to give you this one here.


Every bloke, every bloke that says to me, I don't like to talk because what it does is show me show me half naked women dancing around. Sorry, but why do you think it's showing you that I told my wife? Well, I'm showing you because you are looking at it. So that's the exact same with is the exact same. It is. The content or the content that you create is going to the more content you watch will get fed more like it and more like more like it.


I know is this I was trying to learn about Brexit a few months ago for a few years ago. And so I would watch content on Brexit and then the stuff that would come into my feed because I didn't know much. I was like I just got kept outside of my line. I was like, I had learnt about this as I learnt about it and stuff that come into my feed, I was like, why is this? What's going on?


So so what I do is I say, block it and then it disappears. So this is something you got to think about to overview this episode just over. You are talk about in this episode today. Realistically, make sure that you do not focus on negative content in your business, no matter how tempting it is and how much some some friend or someone tells you, you know what, if you post this is going to do really, really well.


Don't do that. I literally like but through the grind, talk about the content you like, talk about the content that you know is adding value is adding real value to the world. Real entertainment. No, not that like like when they're just like oh my gosh, that got guys a little awful life. Let's make fun of them. Not that real value skills. Education. Focus on that. Focus on that. Trust me, it might be it's not sexy, but it will work and you will grow a brand and a business from it over time.


It's well worth it. You know, with the rise, you got to look on YouTube and find it's the rise and fall. There's loads of videos and episodes of it, podcasts that people go the rise and fall of so-and-so. So the rise and fall of. So because they can't help themselves. My tattoos are all Greek mythology because I'm a big believer in mythology and I love all that stuff. Icarus is one of the ones my back. Do not be Icarus.


Do not fly too close to the sun when it comes to that click bait juiciness that we all know about when it comes to social media and content marketing. Don't do that. Talk about your boring subject and they'll. Trust me, your bank balance, I'd say, is all the time your bank balance will thank me. Your business will thank me. You can do it right. So that is the attorney's overview of this episode. If you've enjoyed it, be sure to drop me a thumbs up.


If you're watching on social's, if you're listening to the podcast, which is where we started with this thing, Benjamín, five star view on iTunes. And if you want to know more about content marketing, check out my free masterclass, the links in the description on the show, notes of YouTube and also the podcast. I will see you next time. My name is Roland and have a wonderful day. I need to think of a better term.


We'll get that one day.


See you later.


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