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How To Blow Up On TikTok | Josh Moore

August 07, 2021 Ash Borland
Content Creators Hub - All Things Personal Branding, Content Marketing, And Content Creation
How To Blow Up On TikTok | Josh Moore
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What is the best schedule for content marketing guys in today's episode? That's what I want to talk about here in Content Marketing 101. OK, bear with me today. By the way, I've had a new Tataris. If you see if you're watching this as opposed to listen to this, I'm in a black T-shirt, which I'm never in. I'm normally in a white T-shirt. And I'm also I've got very shiny arm because I've had the inside of my tattoo done.


I'm sorry. So I do better if I look like I'm kind of thinking and stuttering. That's why. Because I'm just really sore. Today is the day after. So bear with. Let's talk a little bit about it. I want to talk about what type of best schedule is that for your content marketing? If you're looking to start your own content marketing kind of strategy, you're a business owner. You want to push that to the next level.


What is the best strategy involved? And and this is something that I get asked a lot, and it's something that I think people are always looking for that magic pill like, oh, gosh, tell me, is this the way to work? And, you know, what is that secret sauce is? And my favourite one, when should I upload? Is there like a time and all of this stuff, you know, without going into too much detail with it?


All of this stuff, it it kind of has a time. It's kind of that those things are important once you're up and running. But that's like a two percent of the of the thing. The biggest thing is actually about creating first, but actually making content, pulling the trigger and doing it. And this is what most people don't do. I don't know why they don't do that, but the biggest thing is to start to create content. But if you do want to understand about content marketing, scheduling, understanding some basics around that, then I'm going to cover three things.


It's always three. I will try to keep it three, as you know, every episode. But three things that you should be thinking about when it comes to your schedule, because there are things you need to consider. There are things that it's not straightforward and there are a few kind of best practises. So let's have a look and dive into it. So the very first one is consistency over intensity. So when it comes to creating content, consistency is always going to win.


Think about this. If you're in the gym, you know you're in the gym and you go and this is what people do, by the way, to do this with their content all the time. All the time. I really wish they wouldn't. And so, for example, what they do is they might go if you're in the gym, you might go, you know, only really fit. I want to go to the gym every every day this week.


And then they can't move, they can't walk the south, so they're so tired, then they don't go for a month because they can't they can't physically move by the time they get to the end of the week. But because the motivation has now fleeted, the motivation was there. They pumped up more. You know, let's do this, do more, let's do more and then go intense at that at that sport, that goal. The issue is they didn't give up, whereas because they can't do anything to tired the burn out.


Whereas if you look at somebody who is a you know, like going to the gym three times a week and they do an hour, 45, five minutes, three times a week, these people, and they do it week in, week out, and they do this for forever. So, for example, they're going to have incredible results. Their body will change, their life will change. That is because it's consistency over intensity. Now, that is something that many people around you want to make sure that you are consistent.


So when picking your schedule, this is the stuff we talk about, these three things will help you decide the right schedule for you. Think about can I be consistent with this? Can I show up week in, week out, day in, day out, three times a week where we can I show up when I say I'm going to show up? Obviously, it's OK to miss one or two. Life happens. I understand that. But the majority of them can you show up?


And if you can show up on those, then that's the right consistency. Don't focus on just thinking that if I throw more at it, it's going to work. Of course, more is better, but as long as it's consistent. So that is the first thing when you're picking your schedule, make sure it's consistent. Consistency is more important than intensity. Let's look at the next one to talk about. So the next one is quality over quantity, so quantity over quality, not quality over quantity.


So you might be thinking that's the opposite to what you just said, but it's actually not. So once you decided I can be consistent thing with content and content marketing and content creation and content success in your business, in your brand, in your side. Hustle is it's a quantity game. So more is better than less is the way it is because and if you look at this with old like nearly every not always, there's always to be outliers, but nearly every successful consecrates that we see, they've made a lot of concern because quantity will bring quality.


You don't know what is good. The market knows what's good. The audience knows what is good. You don't know what is good. So if you spend all your time editing something you believe is good, only to find out that the market didn't think it was good at all, then you've wasted a lot of time. So quantity is the best thing when it comes to your content marketing strategy. So if you're looking at a schedule, look at how you can increase the quantity.


Now, like I said, make sure that you can stay consistent in that. Well, the more if you can upload to videos a week instead of instead of one or you can upload three instead of two, you are that compounding effect is going to happen. It's going to be incredibly great when that happens over time, because if you upload three videos a week instead of two, you're uploading extra 52 videos a year or an extra 50 to podcast's a year or an extra fifty two blogs a year like that is insane.


And people don't think about that. I don't think they think about this on that, on the mycar. They think about this on a small level. They might go, you know what, I'm going to look at this as this week I've got all that many. But they don't look at it over like a year, two years, three years. The compounding effect of releasing one extra video a week is mind blowing, like mind blowing. So there's something you really should consider about quantity over quality.


Don't obsess if it takes you ten hours to edit one video, try and make three videos in that ten hours. Don't obsess too much on the quality because it's about getting more eyeballs on you. So pump up that quantity as much as possible. Quantity will bring quality with it. And the last thing I want to talk about is out. So burn out is a real thing. And I've just the reason why I want to talk about it in this context, and it's quite important in this context, is I've just said to you, you know, consistency over intends to.


Yes. Make sure you're consistent. Now, once, you know, you can consistently do that, pump those numbers up, get that quantity out there trying it quantity over quality. Don't obsess that. It's very nature can lead to burnout and burnout is real thing. Many big creators have it, many small creators have it. And if you get caught off guard, don't think don't think that you're the one person in the world. It's just not going to have.


It is not true. You're going to get burned out at some point, naturally, just what is going to happen. And like, you need to be prepared for it. You need to either have some videos in the bank or some blogs in the bank or some podcast episodes in the bank ready. In case that happens, that's always a good thing to have. So I have some episodes that, you know, getting my tattoo done. I have them in the bank ready to go so that I can just press go because.


I mean, I mean, the chair before before this show would go out, so these days like that, but there are times you might want to hold out, you might want to recover. So burnout is a real thing. You need to prepare for it. If you prepare if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail. I love that quote. So you've got to be prepared when it comes to scheduling. And if you don't want to break that schedule, have some stuff in the background.


Now, if you're in social media and you're doing social media content, you can repurpose old content from the YouTube space. It's different, but you could do your best bits. You could have your best highlights so far and take clips from different videos you've made. You can do other stuff. There's lots of things you can do to keep the consistency and the frequency going. You know, that quantity, but allow you to have some time away. That's the smart move.


The the don't get me wrong. And one caveat I'll put on areas with when it comes to burnout, mental health is more important than anything. Nothing is more important to mental health. So if you feel like I can't do this, I need to break, then absolutely. You need to take that break to do it. It's fine. It's fine. But be prepared that it will impact your channel. It will impact your your channel. It will impact your strategy.


It will impact the people around you because you're you're just you're cutting momentum off. So the die down again. So it does have an impact. So if you're someone who know, you know, is prone to burnout, me, I don't really get burnt out as much. But I when it happens, it does. Like I said, I have about 20 videos that I haven't used. I haven't used that. They're ready to go. I just did a bank the burn out vote.


So that's something you should really consider. Is it out video? I don't going to vote because you will get it if you're doing what needs to be done. So just a very quick overview of what it is we've been talking about today. In this episode, we were looking at content marketing and what is the best schedule for content marketing like. So overview that there is no right or wrong. There is no silver bullet. The thing that's really important with this is that you decide the right schedule for your lifestyle, your goals, your expectations, what you want to put in your Implats to match your expectations, because then your output will match.


Otherwise it isn't going to work. So that is something that you need to consider. Consistency over intensity is important. Quality over quantity is very important. Don't get fixated on the quality of the content too much, have a minimum standard and let the rest go. And then in regards to burnout, make sure that you are allowing yourself some security and safety blankets for when you have out notice when. So you need to remember that that is going to happen.


So that is the episode. No view of today's content marketing one to one. My name is Ashbourne Content Marketing Coach. Have you enjoyed the episode? Be sure to check out the Free Content Marketing Masterclass links in the description and I'll see you guys next time. Okay, bye.

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