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Businesses are underutilising video as a strategic tool | Joeri

August 06, 2021 Ash Borland
Content Creators Hub - All Things Personal Branding, Content Marketing, And Content Creation
Businesses are underutilising video as a strategic tool | Joeri
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Let's talk about a content marketing secret that nobody is telling you, OK? That's what we're covering today's episode of Content Marketing. What I well, before we go any further, though, my name is Ashbourne and content marketing coach, helping you build an impactful and profitable content marketing business. You are listening to content marketing what I want or watching, depending on where you are. The number one podcast for all things content marketing. I don't know why I said that as ridiculous.


Anyway, guys, what we go to one day I want to talk about content marketing. The secret nobody is telling you. Okay, well, some people might be telling you that nobody probably a bit of a crap. Some people might be telling you this, but most people will not be telling you this. I want to talk about what a secret is and then three things that you're going be able to do to kind of use that to your advantage.


So what is the secret? Well, the secret actually is that on average, it takes eight to nine online interactions for someone buys for me that is actually even considers buying for me. So eight to nine online interactions before someone is going to consider buying for me. So the reason why this is a big secret, why people are talking about it is why is it's not sexy to sell. But the other reason is that you need to think about that when it comes to content, when it comes to you making content, your content marketing strategy, what it is you're looking to achieve.


This is not something that is that people take into account because eight to ten means you have to hit a lot of content in order to get that out. Now, something that's really important to remember before I go into the three things you need to consider and things you can do, that it's really important that when you're putting content out there, social media, Yuchi, where we may be, you've got to remember that that stuff is not being seen by everybody.


The algorithm does not favour you like that. It doesn't show your content to every single person who follows you subscribe to. It doesn't do that. It shows to a small percentage and then opens those gates through. So some people will never see that content. So if they've got eight to ten sorry, eight to nine online interactions with you online piece of content with you. That's not a tiny piece of content, that's eight to nine piece content that they have to have seen.


So that's why it's really bear in mind. So what do we have to do then? Let's look at these three things. When you bear that in mind that it's not every piece of content you get is when the algorithm decides to show it. These are the three things I want you to keep in mind. So the first thing is keep it clear. OK, so keeping your content very clear about what it is you're talking about, what it is you do, what is the value you're trying to get across to people?


This is really, really important for content marketing success, because if you are going out there, you are creating content and you're putting out say, for example, you put a piece of your content marketing content I make. So I'm talking about content all the time. How many times I said the word content? A lot. Yes. You're going to love me for this one. So think about it this way. You know, if if I post a video like today, this type of episode, and then the next day I post an episode.


But it actually it's not an episode. It's just a photo of my lunch. You might see that photo of my lunch, but not that one is about the thing I'm actually wanting to be known for. So when you put too much concern out there that is not clear about what you do as a business, what you do, how you can help people, how you can add value to people's lives with the product or service you have, you are losing that chance because that might be one of those eight, nine pieces, they say, and it doesn't help your business because it just says, oh, wow, I likes to go for a run.


That's really cool, wicked, as opposed to something else where, you know, it's like, oh, I might to be interested in this marketing secret, but I know it's something to do with content marketing so that you're teaching them. Now, again, this strategy is for you to cut through the noise and generate people into, like, you know, viewers watching into leads and business. Obviously, there's an argument for personal branding and, you know, building a community and some of that by sharing that stuff.


So for what I tell you is going to be hundreds of people saying that that's the wrong way to do it. But this is for a very specific things. If you're trying to become a thought leader, go to person top of mind for one specific thing. Keep it very clear. The second thing is keep it consistent. Consistency is going to win hands down all the time. So keeping it consistent so that you're constantly showing up with that clear message is going to help you cut through that noise.


It's going to help you start to increase those chances of being seen. And it's a numbers game at the end of the day, if you're trying to get everybody in your community to that eight to 10, eight to nine, sweet spot. It's pretty hard to say today tonight, but it is eight to nine. Sweet spot. That's a really hard you trying to get them to that point. So if you're not getting them to that point quickly, you're going to do that.


You've got to be consistent. If you're uploading I say all time, if you're uploading, say, one video a week and it's eight to ten, though, you did it again, eight to nine online interactions. That's eight to nine weeks, hoping that they all get shown that these content, it could be six months. So consistency is really important showing up. And I would say consistency also. And I'll probably do another I have one episode planned of more in depth on this thing, but you need to be actually more intense with it.


You have to probably train up those numbers because it's a numbers game. Get the reps out. The more people that see you, the more chance, chance you have an effect. The third one is visibility over ability. This is what this whole thing of this statistic comes down to, is that visibility is more important than ability itself. You could be the best person in your industry, the best kept secret because no one knows who you are. Now, this is really interesting.


I see these two people when they'll say you have I get referrals or something. That's quite amazing. That's your core audience. But if you're trying to scale outside of your core audience, you have to start to become visible in that all life is filled, not just industries are life is filled with people who are not the best, but the most visible. Everyone you see on TV, they're not the best. They're not the best. I might not be the best.


I'm definitely not the best content marketer like expert. Absolutely. No, the most visible is incredible people out there. So you're never going to be the best. That's the thing. You will never be the best, but you can be the most visible. And that's something you have to remember. It's a numbers game. All of this boils down to having a clear and consistent message and being super, super visible. The more visible you are, the more chance of that you have, the higher chance you have of converting those people into it.


It's really that simple in theory. Obviously, that's a little hard to do, but that is that the simplicity of it is that. Visibility is so much more important, the ability itself don't get that confused. No, I'm not saying when I say visibility is more important than ability. I'm not saying here that you can be rubbish at what you do because that's not true. People will know if you're rubbish. As soon as you've got that clean and you're not very good, they'll be like, oh, he's rubbish.


And and that will come out in the wash. We'll see that. But visibility is the most important factor, more than ability, you will get better the more visible you are, the more clients you get, the better you will get. So ability comes really from becoming more visible a lot of the time anyway. So those are things that you need to consider. So just to recap on those, like I said, this statistic, this is the secret that people are telling you is that you need to pump those numbers up because people will consider buying from you around the eight to nine online.


Mark, you've got to be clear, consistent and visible. If you are clear, consistent and visible, people will start to come to you. It's not a matter of if. It is a matter of when. If you found this episode marked one on one useful, check out the free content marketing masterclass. The links in the description or the show notes wherever you're listening or watching. My name is Ashbourne Content Marketing Coach, helping build an impactful, profitable business online and telling you that you can do it.


And I'll see you in the next one. Okay, by.