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Overcome Impostor Syndrome as a Content Creator | Ian Anderson Gray

August 05, 2021 Ash Borland
Content Creators Hub - All Things Personal Branding, Content Marketing, And Content Creation
Overcome Impostor Syndrome as a Content Creator | Ian Anderson Gray
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Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to another episode of Content Marketing, one on one with me, your host Ashbolt and content marketing coach, helping you build an impactful and profitable business online. If this is the first time that you considered joining the content marketing one, I want to show them. Be sure to subscribe to be kept up with all the latest content where a weekly or daily actually so weekly. Every single day of the week, we create an episode of Content Marketing podcast for you as a video podcast as well.


So come and check out the visuals if you're listening. So what are we going to talk about today, this episode? I want to talk about a fortnight marketing strategy and how you should consider adopting a fortnight marketing strategy in your business. Now, first of all, you can spot that I'm a massive nerd gamer because we're already talking about Forté marketing strategies and how I how I like them. But this episode is quite an interesting one, because this is actually a remake.


I made this episode. This is the second episode I ever made on the original Personal Branding 101 podcast, which was this podcast back in the day. Those episodes are now gone due to copyright music because I didn't know what you don't know what you know. So don't do that mistake. Well, all right. I'll be right. Music is not something you want to mess about with. You know, I started using music that was copyright free on YouTube and then realised when I uploaded to YouTube, I started getting copyright claims and I was like, oh, no, I don't want to build my house on a business that has that.


So that's a hell of a story. But this episode was done, but it was a really good one and it was one of the most downloaded ones. So I was like, you know what, let's do it again. So want to talk about it. Like I said, let's just bring that back up just because that's my rant about it. We're talking about fortnight marketing strategy. So if anyone doesn't know what fortnight is fortnight was, I'm still kind of is one of the biggest games in the world.


It took the video game space. It just took it by storm. If you don't know what fun it is, you're probably living under a rock because it was one of the very first games to truly break kind of into the the mainstream. And it's one of the first games that allow people to become real multiple millionaires, people like ninjas, 60 million. They were paid for an exclusive deal for two years to a streaming platform for four nights. So so it's it's a massive game.


Now, how did this game now you really think, you know, amazing about content marketing. So why are we talking about video games? Any excuse? But no, the reality is. There's a lot any business can learn by how this brand went from absolutely nothing that I world domination and it did a few things. Now, this this stuff had been done in the space before. What they are talking about here, not all of them together.


And what they did, a few things that you could apply to your business, which could make you a world domination. You could have world domination, maybe not as big as these guys, but this is a thing. So what did they do? Well, the very first thing that they did was they made sure that they led with value, they lead with value. So for me, it was an entirely free game to play. And it still is to this day.


And this was an incredible concept, because if they lead with value before this, obviously there were other free to play games and things. There was a game, the whole League of Legends, that was very good at this as well. But nobody was on them on PC kind of only. So we'll talk about that in a minute. But because that's another thing they did very well. But what they did was they led with value first. So anyone could play this, you could download it onto your computer and hear Xbox, whatever it may be, and you could play and you could play the same game as your friends.


You could play the same game if you wanted to play something with your kids, it was there. So this idea of giving the entire game away for free was incredible because then people started to play it and they played it for hundreds of hours. And so what they were doing was they were leading with value first, which is very rare because most people before would say, hey, you know, the title of this game is fifty fifty dollars. Fifty pounds.


You know, you've got to if you know, if you'd like it. Right, if you don't like it tough. But these guys, they led with value, they allowed the free download and you played the same game as everybody else. You are not an advantage or disadvantage to that user. So that was the beauty of this lead with value. Now, what they did was then incorporated what they called cosmetic purchases, which meant that if someone wanted to buy stuff, they wanted to look different today.


So it was purely cosmetic, no game. So it was very fair. It was a fair playing field. And if they wanted to look different, they wanted to have something just a bit different than everybody else. They were able to opt in and buy more stuff, buy, buy things, buy costumes, buy anything. This model was incredible because what this does is hinges on what we call reciprocity. So they were getting all these people who were hooked on playing for free, playing the game.


The game is becoming a part of their daily life. It's something they use them day to day basis. And the value that the game has brought to their lives has increased to the point where then spending where where is it before fifty dollars, fifty pounds on a game is like, OK, some of these players, me included, by the way, we're spending hundreds of pounds on this game because they wanted a new skin. And what what phone I did that was because this model blew up.


They were making each customer was getting a free experience and then the value of that customer was way more money than just a purchase of a game. So they saw past the long run. And this is something that the most businesses don't do. They don't think about the life of that customer, what a customer can be. If you can become a loyal fan in your business, then what's going to happen is that person is going to come back and back.


And every time you release something that kind of goes along with what they want, they'll purchase it because they want the one support you, because you support them and to they trust you. So they're going to buy from you. So this is why fortnight one of the reasons I thought I was incredibly successful was because it was led with value. First, it got millions of people on board and then as it was moving through, people would buy and they still do.


So this is something no business does. This is why we say create content, create YouTube content, create podcast, write blogs, write ebooks, because what you can do is you are giving without any expectation of return. You don't have to ever get one of my courses or work with men like coaching basis to get the value that I have. If you want to, because you want it to the next level. You want accountability, whatever it may be, or structure.


That's a decision for you. But you can consume the millions and billions of videos that will be out by the time you probably find this search and podcast, then that's up to you to lead with value first. The other thing they did, though, which was really, really, really, really cool, was that they were accessible. They are one of the very few people, the big things like games that were accessible. They hinged on what we call cross play.


Now, you're going to go through what's relevant today with marketing massively. Anyone in the world with any device now, it's changed a little bit now because there's some Apple stuff, but I'm going to say pretty kind of golden era. If you had an Apple iPhone, you know, if you could play for the next you if you had a PC phone at your place that you play phone, if you had an iPad, you know, if you had a Nintendo switch, you play for night.


And guess what? You didn't just play for night. You play with the same people on the same thing, accessibility. This was incredible. The reason why it's incredible is no user would feel left out. That kid in the street whose parents don't have enough money to buy him the latest Xbox, but he does have an old iPhone, can still play with his friends. That dad can play with his son while he's at work on his lunch break, the accessibility of this was the same now because he was accessible and and it was free of phone call freemium.


So it's free with free with purchases later on if you want them. So because it was accessible, because it had value, it became huge. And you can do this again with your business and because of accessibility. Being on one platform, I only create content podcasts. OK, cool, but what if I don't know how to use a podcast? My parents at least the podcasts. So what about if my client doesn't want to listen to a podcast?


What if they like to watch YouTube videos? I, I actually don't listen to a podcast anymore. I watch YouTube videos. I watch my podcasts. So what if I want to watch my podcast. Why can I not do that. So OK, you can, we'll put it on ok. We'll put it on YouTube. What about if I want to you know. OK, but I'm, I'm walking the dog and I'm scrolling. OK, cool.


Put on Instagram. OK, I, you know, actually I like to, I'm at work all the time so I catch your shows on when I'm at LinkedIn, Google, live streaming to LinkedIn. I would do it right now I'm recording this. So this is the thing is accessibility of your brand, of your content, of your marketing is huge because if you look, if you are everywhere, you you're going to get more eyeballs. It's a numbers game.


So what they did just to recap, just to overview, what fortnight did which I think was just incredible was they were accessible to everybody. No matter where you were or whatever, you know, to be a purist you anymore. And they led with value. And when they let me value the customer, the customer value per person was hundreds of dollars, not fifty dollars, hundreds or sometimes even thousands. So the average customer value was way higher because they had bought in the value that product that valued that service.


These if you can't look at anybody who has executed this, just an incredible, incredible way they execute this in a way that is just unparalleled to anybody else. And fauna is the one to watch because it is just insane whether you like video games or not. Actually, there plan for that. The joke is not being fun, I found. But what they did as a marketer blew my mind because they took things that worked in other areas, mash them together, and when we're going to give the user every single thing, they would possibly want to reduce all friction.


In your experience, you don't need to feel bad that you might not look like Spider-Man. The same guns still at the same chance of winning. It was ability and stuff that became the next thing. So that is today's episode of Content Marketing What I Want. If you wanna learn more about marketing, check out my free master class link is in the description of the show notes depending on where you're listening or watching. Like I said, my name is Ashbolt and be sure to hit unsubscribe until we get all the latest and greatest content.


And I will see you in the next episode of.

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